Sunday, September 24, 2017

Brittnay Leann Miller The Young Face Of Drug Addiction

Two photos one year apart show the dramatic change in the now 20 year old's appearance. The toll of drug use is unmistakable.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Crystal Eschert - Charlotte City Council Doubles Down After Court Defeat

The potted plants on Charlotte City Council faced with ever mounting legal fees and what to many seemed a reasonable settlement have decided to double down with your tax dollars and appeal Federal Judge Frank Whitney's most recent decision in the Crystal Eschert vs City Of Charlotte case.


Behind closed doors Charlotte City Council again voted against Charlotte Firefighters, whistle blowers and Crystal Eschert.

The vote lead by Mayor Pro Tem Vi Lyles who in a recent debate with Joel Ford said "the city was wrong", apparently changed her mind behind closed doors. Lyles who has a reputation for speaking out of both sides of her mouth often sides with Mayor Roberts and other Democrats tending to vote with her peers.

Republican candidate Kenny Smith when asked if he agreed with the jury's decision in favor of Crystal Eschert back in July noted: "We lost in the court of public opinion". Smith went on to say
“I think we need to close the books and move on,” adding “I’m not going to support an appeal or a new trial.”

That maybe Smith's public stance but apparently behind closed doors he folded like a lawn chair.

Claire Fallon a critic of the fire department and the former chief balked at the idea of an appeal.

But plastic potted plant Ed Driggs who is often so confused he looks amused apparently voted against an appeal.

La Wanna Mayfield followed Lyles and voted to continue to waste taxpayer dollars.

ead more here:
In July the City asked Judge Frank Whitney to overturn the jury's decision. The judge declined, and in August he granted a request by Eschert's lawyers that the city pay her legal fees totaling $628,000.00 plus the award for damages of $464,000 and interest.

Read more here:

In July the city revealed that they had spent nearly $500,000 in outside legal bills with the firm law firm of Lincoln Derr. The City also spent $214,000 originally investigating the Eschert's claims, $90,000 reviewing department policies.

If you add it all up the City is in the hole more than $2,000,000.00 at this point. The appeal will nearly double the amount that tax payers will pay the city attorney's outside lawyer Sara Lincoln and if they lose they will pay Crystal Eschert's lawyer as well. All told just around $3 Million over a facebook post that was pretty much dead on anyway.

CP's Take:

Sara Lincoln is no match for Judge Whitney. The long serving federal judge is seldom remanded much less over turned. Whitney is well respected student of law, his rulings in the Eschert case show a by the book approach to dealing with the case. The 4th circuit court of appeals tends to fast track high profile cases yet manages to rule on mundane manners with efficiency as well. I'd expect the motion for appeal to be shot down in short order. Should the court hear out the claims by the city, seven months from now this will all about be over.

The facts of the trial forced former Chief Jon Hannan to retire and the city hired an outside consulting firm to review CFD's policies and employment practices. While not a clear admission of guilt it was certainly a result of the events involving Eschert.

In a city and county were democrats are always more interested in the WiiFM (what's in it for me) than doing the right thing, this this is not surprising. There's always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow only those who get crazy get busted, Bill Culp, Patrick Cannon. But that doesn't keep the potted plants from asking WiiFM?

Not sure what the payoff is for the city attorney but I do know the taxpayers are getting hosed.

Read more here:

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Lipscomb University Racist President

I'm starting to believe this racism stuff is just way over blown.

Clearly that's the case at Lipscomb University in Tennessee, where a group of black students were invited to a dinner reception at the university president's home. One student's reaction and her public rant (below) is typical of African Americans who feel they are being slighted at every turn. This is just one example of the way over blown craziness.

Maybe its time that Black Americans just suck it up to get along with the rest of America?

Take our Lipscomb University student. She's offended because of the president's wife likes plantation chic, barn wood, mason jars, cotton stalks, dried flowers and more. Was she offended by the "plantation shutters" or the recycled blue jean table clothes and napkins as well?

We're not talking confederate flags, nooses, chains and sheets here, but table centerpieces.

By the way "plantation chic" is really hip, thanks to an Asian woman named Joanna Gains from Waco Texas. Sort of doubtful she's a racist neo Nazi bigot. But you never know I guess?

Our college genius added that they were forced to eat standing up. Clearly she's not very socially aware, because that's the way a lot of social dinner parties are and have been for decades. But her thinking apparently is; "I'm not good enough to have a seat at their table" so they are racists!

Miss I'm a "sophisticated black women" (she calls herself on her Facebook page), was also offended because the hosts served collard greens, mac and cheese and corn bread. She also called out the hosts for serving "black meals" the same sort of food you would find at my grandmother's house on Sunday afternoon, the only thing missing would be fried chicken and watermelon. You see we are southerners and we eat like that at parties.

Then she goes on some rant about there not being a "African American Advocate" on campus and the lack of "financial assistance" in other words free stuff.

Never mind that her grasp of English is more that of an 8th grader than a college Junior.

So lets see what didn't happen; the black students weren't patted down before entering the house. They were not served "out back" from the rear of the kitchen on paper and plastic while the white people eat inside on china and silver. They didn't have their purses searched before they left the house in case they stole the silver, and they weren't asked to "weed" the garden or "shine" some shoes to pay for their meal.

Yelling "Racist" is nothing new.

I remember my brother firing a black women in the late 1990's because she was stealing food from the restaurant he ran. He told her he wasn't going to prosecute her, because he figured she was stealing to feed her kids. He noted that 28 pounds of chicken he found in her car would feed a lot of kids.

She immediately started yelling that he was firing her because she was black and accused him of being a racist.

I'm an American and by heritage a Scot, my family history dates to before the American Revolution perhaps as early as 1719. My wife is Irish her father's name O'Henry her mother's O'Dell. Movies like Brave Heart and television shows like Outlander don't offend me even if they made the Scots look rather backwards and pigheaded with odd customs and lack of respect for women. Irish Spring soap commercials or Lucky Charms don't seem to offend my wife.

And I'm not embarrassed to be an American (most of the time)

Germans like their coffee thick like motor oil, so when my German host offered me "American Coffee" last weekend during a dinner party, I wasn't offended, even though I'd rather not have my coffee watered down. I politely worked my way to the kitchen dumped the McDonald's weak coffee in the sink and smiled at the hostess while I loaded up on the good stuff and quietly enjoyed my caffeine high.

Apparently I missed a chance to be offended?

Last summer Mrs. Cedar and I attended the funeral of a black co worker. The church was hot inside and the ushers gave out hand held fans to those in attendance to cool themselves. On the front of the fan the 23rd psalm and on the back a photo of Barrack Obama. We thought that it was an odd place for a picture of the president but we were not offended.

Another missed opportunity?

But black folk are different.

Darius Rucker was offended years ago while attending a dinner party at Isle of Palms near Charleston. Apparently he used the guest bathroom and discovered the walls decorated the vegetable and fruit crate labels from the 1940s and 1950's.

I don't know the full story, just that he left in a huff after being offended about "that racist shit in the bathroom".  After Rucker left the guests all made a trip to the bathroom to see what the big deal was, mixed opinions abounded, the colorful art work was either "cool" or "tacky" but no one, not even other black guests found it to be racist anymore than Uncle Ben's rice or Aunt Jemima syrup.

If Rucker is sensitive about being black, his marriage offers no indication. Rucker is married to white woman who never misses a chance to tell you she's married to a black man. Its the oddest thing, she doesn't say I'm married to Darius Rucker, but rather I'm married to a black man.

I have a cousin who does the same thing, "we an interracial couple" she tells anyone who will listen, as if anyone cared? But what's odd is her husband is a very well though of and apparently successful physician. But she doesn't introduce him as such.

So the question is who is really the racist in these situations?

My brother and I are a lot alike, we don't see color. What we do see is a lot of, chip on your shoulder, race card playing people who just happen to be black using slavery and racism as a crutch to get through life.

Maybe African Americans need to raise the bar on being offended?

Friday, September 15, 2017

Charlotte Douglas International Airport's *%*$@#! Cell Phone Lot!

Friday is the first day and of Fall and the holiday travel season will soon be upon us.

Soon family and friends will be on their way to the Carolinas and looking forward to visiting you and the Queen City, so why are you stressing?

The airport you say? The Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CDIA)? Really?

Ahhh, yes its a nightmare all right. Traffic, ambiguous signage, rent-a-cop traffic directors, crazy never ending construction projects, poor lighting around the terminal, bottle necks and traffic grid lock, all combining to make any trip to the airport unbearable.

So who is the idiot who thought all of this up? Meet Brent Cagle.

Cagle is the man with his head in the sand, "there's no problem" he says, "we are a growing operation, a big airport" he boasts in over the top Donald Trump fashion.

CDIA is ranked 10th nationally, Cagle will argue that its really 5th based on departures and arrivals divided by number of air-cargo flights times the square root of Jennifer Roberts IQ. But for the sake of simple we will use the Wikipedia numbers which are here.

Cagle was given the task of moving CDIA forward 2 years ago, yet he is still shackled with the ghost of Jerry Orr. You see CDIA even long after Orr's departure is still a fiefdom, and still answers to no one.

Most of us Charlotte taxpayers are ok with the airport, even though we endure low flying landing gear dragging jet aircraft over our homes thanks to a program called NexGen, higher fares than nearby cities because American Airlines controls 95 percent of the daily flights and traffic, insane endless airport traffic.

But CDIA could make it easier on us to pick-up family. Beyond the poor signage and poor lighting, the airport cell phone lot is a nightmare, apparently designed by a blind monkey on a 3 day weekend bender.

First the location, while adequate, is not well marked and shares an entrance with a long term lot that is often backed up with traffic. To get to the lot traffic coming off of Billy Graham must cross four lanes of to get in the turn lane for the cell phone lot. Often doing so will earn you a lot of friendly one digit hellos.

The entrance being not well marked often makes for interesting traffic flow.

This guy missed the tiny sign and pavement markings.

So he made up his own driving rules.

Once in the lot, the area is it is so "tight" cars routinely hit the curbs while trying to navigate the narrow rows. OK routinely is a misstatement, make that continuously like 100 percent of the time. On each visit to the lot in the last 3 months I've watched car after car ride up and over the curbs sometimes the same car hitting the same curb more than once.

Seems that blind monkeys only drive Prius hybrids, because unless you drive a Mini Cooper sized car you'll hit at least one of the curbs in the lot. Everyone of these rim busters shows signs of concrete failure, and grass worn bare by tires riding up and over the curbs.

This is the first turn and the curb gets a lot of abuse.

Exit to the right or go around again. The exit curb gets it always.

This turn has a little more room but still grinds away at tires.

Not only does this curb get a workout but Ford 150's hit both sides and the tree branches.

It might not help that one quarter of the lot has been repurposed for a cell phone tower. That is the green fence in the background of the photo above.

And if you think trying to navigated the tight lot is bad during the day just try to use the lot on a rainy night, when the lighting is so poor the curbs become invisible.  I'm surprised they don't have more crime in the lot than they already do with the limited lighting.

Now that you are waiting its pretty tough to keep an eye on whose around you. You are a sitting duck for car jackers and muggers.

When that call finally comes from Aunt Doris that she's claimed her luggage and is ready for pickup, you have to drive against the flow of traffic just to exit the lot or circle around the lot once more hitting more curbs.

The exit is to the right but the traffic flow is in the other direction

The long road that parallels the main road to the terminal.

During off peak hours most drivers opt for drive thru.

Now that you've escaped the lot, you're given another set of challenges. Rather than exit the lot back on to the road to the terminal you have to drive down a side road, navigate a traffic circle, dodge construction dump trucks at a four way stop sign, turn left onto a very short road and try to cut into a long cue of backed up traffic, counting on Charlotte's much diminished Southern Hospitality to let you into the scramble for a limited number of curbside spaces. This will also earn you the up raised finger the international sign for hello.

And if you think that's bad try it at night, there is no lighting along the road, no signage just a whole lot of dark.

Admittedly its not as bad as New York's Kennedy airport cell phone lot traffic scheme below, which was clearly designed by a "committee" of blind monkeys.

The purpose of a cell phone lot is to eliminate "circulating" traffic that rolls around the airport waiting for arriving passengers to collect baggage and exit the terminal.

Most cellphone lots came into play shortly after 9/11 due to concerns over parked vehicles at the front of the terminal. CDIA's cell phone lot has been relocated several times depending on the newest, greatest and latest construction project. But the most recent incarnation is by far the worst.

CDIA management knows the cellphone lot is inadequate and while they won't admit it publically they will allow you to use the parking deck free of charge for 30 mins. Of course you can't get to the terminal without using the elevators and navigating a maze of pedestrian barriers and traffic cones.

So most of us just circle the terminal. Those who don't care to drive all the way out to Wilkinson Blvd and back use the "authorized vehicles only" road just to the north of the daily parking lot.

Those who don't use the loop, or cut through method often simply park where they can on the side of the road.

On any given day or night you'll find cars parked along Wilkinson Blvd, at the end of runway 36/18 C, or in the traffic circle in front of the tank storage facility.

The basic requirements of a cellphone lot, for some reason are lost on CDIA's Brent Cagle and management. So maybe if I spell it out someone will take notice.


CDIA's cellphone lot is not convenient, while safe for the most part, except at night when its poor lighting comes into play, its hardly efficient, but it is free. So lets give it a C- for the basics.

The ideal design would be close to the terminal. One-way traffic with pull through parking spaces is a must for this tight "holding" area. Requiring drivers to back up into a high traffic area is just begging for trouble.

I'm not asking for much here, but CDIA could've gone Denver's route.

Denver International the nation's sixth busiest airport, has a state of the art cell phone lot. The lot has a fast food court, restrooms, picnic tables, a play ground, a gas station, a car wash, views of landing and departing aircraft, free Wi-Fi, covered parking for snowy days and the list goes on and on.

Admittedly Denver has space a lot of land to play with, and with 28 million passenger boardings a large revenue stream to work with. It doesn't hurt that Denver has a state transportation department that is also very pro active.

So then how is it that the nation's 44th ranked airport, the tiny low volume Southwest Florida Regional in Fort Myers has a five star cellphone lot?

Located at the main entrance with easy in/out
Super easy in and out, a 7-Eleven, gas, car wash, sweeping views, fantastic lighting, free Wi-Fi and a perfect location at an airport that had just slightly over 4 million passenger boardings in 2016.

So there you have it Charlotte's sad excuse for a cell phone lot that lacks in so many regards being out done by a simple design in Fort Myers that not only serves the purpose of holding area but also is a revenue source for the airport and people actually enjoy using.

Cedar Posts reached out to Brent Cagle about the cell phone and via phone and email, several times while putting this blog post together, nothing but crickets. CP has also hinted at the issues regarding the lot via twitter often during the past 3 months crickets there as well.

Shouldn't a world class city with a world class airport have a world class cell phone lot?

Any suggestions? Thoughts?

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

50 Worst Places To Live Gastonia ???

On a list of the 50 worst American Cities to live, Detroit, Memphis and Baltimore come to mind, but Gastonia? Sadly at number 45 sits Gastonia our gateway to Charlotte.

45. Gastonia, North Carolina
> Population: 74,551
> Median home value: $134,300
> Poverty rate: 19.7%
> Pct. with at least a bachelor’s degree: 23.0%

A suburb of the fast-growing Charlotte metropolitan area, Gastonia’s population has more than tripled in size since 1950. Despite the steady growth, Gastonia lags behind most U.S. cities in a number of quality of life measures. The city’s poverty rate of 19.7% is well above the nationwide rate of 14.7%. Also, there were 716 violent crimes reported per 100,000 Gastonia residents in 2015, one of the highest violent crime rates of any U.S. city.

While over the past few decades Charlotte economy has developed into a major banking and financial center, Gastonia has remained relatively dependent on manufacturing. U.S. manufacturing activity has declined in recent years, and a number of plant closings in Gastonia have contributed to job losses throughout the city. Gastonia’s annual unemployment rate of 6.2% is higher than the 5.3% national rate.

The entire article is here:

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Nonsense Idiot Tweets Fake News and Calls For Slaughter of CMPD Officers

A local dip shit using the Twitter handle of @hankrango sent this tweet to CMPD this morning. Apparently Rango was upset after reading a fake news story about a transgender woman being tased by CMPD officers.

In the tweet Rango says it time for a pig slaughter. The linked "news" story is of course fake. A quick search of MCSO web site turns up, no arrest record, no Linda Hovensky and that is not even a CMPD or Meckleburg County officer in the photos. That is actually a Forsyth County Deputy and lesbian Mary Jamis being arrested in Winston-Salem, back in 2012 while protesting a North Carolina ban on gay marriage.

The entire fake news story is below. Amazing detail and effort to help razz the Black Lives Matter Antifa Alt Left crazies.

Needless to say CMPD takes threats to their officers very seriously.

woman bathroom

Charlotte, NC | A North Carolinian woman was brutally ejected from a ladies’ bathroom yesterday after nearby police officers were alerted by local citizens that a transgender was using a public women’s bathroom.

Linda Hovensky, a 54-year-old resident of Charlotte, was tased multiple times by police officers as she was forced outside of the ladies washroom with her pants down and in front of a large crowd.

“I was taking a crap when police officers started yelling at me and telling me to open the door but I wasn’t finished, so they kicked the door open and grabbed me with my pants down and rushed me outside” recalls the victim, visibly traumatized by the latest events.

“I tried to fight them to at least put my pants back on, that’s when they threw me on the floor and started kicking the life out of me and tased me I don’t know how many times,” she told local reporters in tears.


Linda Hovensky was beaten, tased and thrown on the sidewalk with her pants down in front a large crowd after being mistaken for a transgender woman
A “visible threat” to police officers

The woman represented a visible threat to police officers on the scene, explains Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department spokesman, Allan Jones.

“If the lady had not refused to come out peacefully of the washroom and explain calmly that she was in fact in her rights to be there, there would not have been an escalation of violence. The woman threatened police officers and that is what made things difficult for her and the agents that intervened” said Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department spokesman, Allan Jones, in a press conference. “She was hysterical and represented a possible threat to our officers who followed all proper procedures in this case,” he adds.

Kept in jail for five hours

Miss Hovensky was jailed for a period of over five hours at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department because she was unable to identify herself before a friend was able to bring proof of her identity to police headquarters.

“The idiot cops left my purse on the scene and left me to rot in jail for five hours because they thought I was a man? I’m going to sue the hell out of them, you can be sure about that” she told local reporters, visibly angered by the whole affair.

Gov. Pat McCrory signed the Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act, also known as House Bill 2 or HB2, last month. The law bans people from using bathrooms that don’t match the sex indicated on their birth certificates, which opponents argue is discriminatory toward the transgender community.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Crystal Eschert To Receive Attorneys Fees and Interest City Heads Spinning

Fired Charlotte Fire employee added one more exclamation point to her victory against Charlotte Fire and the City of Charlotte.

The City will now pay interest and attorney's fees.

Just Wow!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Bangor Maine Letter To The Editor Confederates Tried To Save Nation

Mrs. Cedar's family is from Maine and I'm often surprised to find that they have a real outside looking in perspective on the rest of the nation. 

Letter To Bangor Daily News:

John M. Crisp, a Tribune News Service columnist, calls President Donald Trump disingenuous in an Aug. 23 OpEd, while damning George Washington and Thomas Jefferson by faint praise and accusing Southerners in general of wanting to destroy a nation.

Crisp claims that Southern heros like Confederate Gens. Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson wanted to destroy a nation. I believe they were trying to save their own nation, which they thought President Abraham Lincoln was attempting to destroy.

The South suffered greatly during the Civil War, which was fought mostly in Southerners’ back yards, illuminated by the flames of their homes, set by Yankees intent on changing a culture forever. Southern families were murdered by white Yankees and one of the North’s heros, Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman, burned a swath through the South, destroying Atlanta and much of Georgia’s plantations and homes, all in the name of saving the Union. He succeeded mostly in creating a hatred of Northerners that persists today in the South.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Cedar's Take On Racist America

Much of my childhood was in the company of black people who I never gave a second thought to the color of their skin, their status or my white privilege. They worked on family farms, cleaned my parent's homes watched after young siblings, cooked our meals, even rode in my car often when I was in high school. They were porters on trains and airports that I as a young child admired and appreciated. 

My first encounter with overt racism was as simple and as straight forward as humidity on Carolina August afternoon. A summer job pumping gas for less than minimum wage at a gas station on Charlotte's South Boulevard paved the way for many things, my love of all things mechanical, small business and my perception of race in America.

The afternoon lull came each day around 2, just about the time the Carolina sun beat down on the asphalt like lucifer's torch. I watched Carl retired postal worker now gas station attendant slide a couple of dimes in the soda machine outside and extract an cold bottle of RC cola. 

He entered the gas station office via the front door. The aluminum door made an odd scrape and clank noise when opened, as the heat of the day pressed against the cool of the inside of the office via the plate glass in the door frame, it expanded just enough to become a tight fit. The window air conditioner perched over the door rumbled, and condensation would drip on any unsuspecting customer who lingered too long just outside the doorway. 

Carl walked around the counter grabbing a bag of Lance salted peanuts from the honor system display stand, without paying. His nick name was motor mouth and I watched as he sat down at the absent station owner's chair, propped his feet up on the owner's desk, opened the stolen bag of peanuts and poured them carefully into the RC Cola bottle. 

"Hey Lou" he shouted towards the parts storage area that was separated from the office by a long metal wall adorned with Gulf Oil cans, radiator hoses and fan belts. The wall didn't quite reach the ceiling. "Did you know it's now illegal to say Nigger?" A muffled "what?" sprang from the storage room. "I said it's ill eagle" his emphasis on ill "to say nigger" 

Lou responded "Yeah I heard that",

Carl with his mouth full of soda and peanuts proceed to expand on this new found point of law. "So leme ask you, how can it be illegal to call a nigger, nigger?"

"Just ain't right." Replied Lou. "No its not" confirmed Carl.

The lull continued with only the sound of the air conditioner and gas station owners chair creaking as carl leaned back pulling his Gulf Oil Company hat down over his eyes, confident of his profound pontification.

And I was left to consider his overt racism on my own terms. 

Over the years I've considered Carl's thinking as my bench mark for being a racist. As far as I knew Carl wasn't a member of the klan or some neo nazi group but Carl was clearly a racist. 

Based on today's standard Carl would be considered an extremist, bigoted neo nazi white supremacist who needed to be delet with on the most harshest terms. Carl of course was a die hard Dixiecrat and fan of Lyndon Johnson and George Wallace. 

By today's standard I'm a racist bigot as well, a racist as much as Donald Trump. Everyone is a racist bigot who doesn't agree with the Black Lives Matter Antifa agenda. And frankly it not doing much for the cause of racial justice. 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Charlottesville Madness or Act of Domestic Terrorism?

As repugnant as I find white supremacists it is clear their right of free speech was violated in Charlottesville.

Confrontation, call it counter protests if you like, by #BLM and #Antifa was allowed unchecked by woefully unprepared members of Law Enforcement as things spiraled rapidly towards tragedy.

Tearing away banners, using mace, urine bombs, spitting, throwing feces and using canes against the Alt-Right crowd is violence. It is unjustified no matter how strongly you disagree with the opposing party, and that's a first amendment violation. 

Black Lives Matter Antifa protestor attacks a Alt Right protestor with a metal pipe.

The end result 13 staples and a really bad haircut.

And this is the guy cops and the white supremistis are looking for. He'd be wise to turn himself in before the Nazis find him.

Antifa protestors blocking Fields car before he is attacked. Notice the brake lights. If he was intent of attack why does he wait until another car is in front of him?

The act of violence leading to the death of Heather Heyer was not an act of terrorism, rather an imprudent impulsive reaction of random anger and rage by a white supremacist towards a crowd of Black Lives Matter, and Antifa protestors.  

It remains to be determined if there are any mitigating factors, including if James Alex Fields felt threatened or was in mortal fear.

The fact that he rammed the car in front of his and not the crowd directly may prove pivotal in his defense.

Terrorism requires the key ingredient of premeditation, obviously the other factors such as random targets, mass casualties and destructive force are all met, but without premeditation this act of violence doesn't meet the definition of terrorism. 

Is it even a hate crime? Just because James Alex Fields is a devote of racism and is clearly the cause of Heather Heyer's death doesn't make it a hate crime. There has to be an explicit link between the two for it to be a civil rights violation. 

Finally did this personalized "Jesus" plate set Fields off? 

Was GODKPME (God Keep Me) just too much for the hate filled angry young man to handle? If so it likely was not an act of terrorism.

In the end it all comes down to motivation. 

Cedar on Trump: Ugh! I wish he'd stop tweeting and shut up! Americans apparently don't want a speak from the heart president, they don't want honest thought or impulsive Q and A sessions with the liberal media. Americans want robo president, scripted and edited with perfect Midwestern enunciation. 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Charlottesville Durham What's Next? Charlotte?

Just wow, beyond the media spin here's some crazy stuff going on in Charlotte with shades of Charlottesville and Durham.

First up an Ad in creative loafing, a similer post has been appearing on Craig's list. 

Over at Lowes and Home Depot a fresh supply of Tiki Torches. Just an odd coincidence?

In Durham Antifa supporters pulled down a statue in memory of lost boys of the civil war.

They did so after Durhams new female police chief ordered Durham PD officers to stand down, noting the the protesters where on Durham County property and that was not their responsibility.

Durham County Sheriff later used videos to arrest 20 plus rioters charging them with felony and misdemeanor crimes. 

In Charlottesville the largest gathering of white supremacists in 30 years showed up. Two years ago a KKK skin head neo nazi March or rally might have garnered 6 nut birds but removal of confederate statues has been a call to arms for the atl-right. Nearly 250 tiki torch toting marchers peacefully rallied around a statue of Robert E. Lee 

But the next day things turned ugly when BLM and Antifia supporters physically confronted the large group of Alt-Right protestors. 

Cedar's Take: If you don't agree with the liberal media driven left you must be a racist. If you don't think we should remove all the confederate statues erected 100 years ago you must be a racist. If you support Donald Trump you must be a racist.

If you don't agrees with all the wacky nut bird left ideology you must be a racist. 

Label me a racist then, because I think that the BLM Antifa groups are hate groups as much as and in many cases more so than the KKK and other skin head white nationalists.  

What I saw of Charlottesville was a peaceful tiki torch protest about the removal of a bronze statute and renaming of a small urban park by a group of whoever. Which was followed by a day of confrontations between two group that should have resulted in 100s of arrests. The White Supremacist and the BLM Antifa crowds should have been arrested. The result of inaction of the part of the Charlottesville police department, governor of Virginia and the mayor of Charlottesville and the random action of one young man culminated in the death of Heather Hyer. 

A chain of events that spiraled out of control. 

In Durham the inaction of a black police chief resulted in the destruction of a statue erected to acknowledge the lives of so many young men lost during the civil war. This was not a statue that represented slavery or white supremacy simply a gravestone honoring the dead, erected 125 years ago as a way of healing and moving the nation forward. 

A community that came together and funded this small monument and statue to honor not the cause or slavery just those young men who lost thier lives in the Great War 150 years ago. The actions of those who destroyed this memorial are as repulsive as vandles kicking over headstones in a cementary, 

North Carolina Govenor Roy Cooper is now suggesting that all confederate memorials and statutes be removed across the state. His actions like all politicians as simply talk to build his standing with the political left and the media, never mind that without North Carolina's republican controlled statehouse it will never happen.

But it is troubling because it just adds fuel to the fire, and emboldens the Antifa thugs who have no purpose but to cause havoc and destroy property.  Cooper is that idiot kid you knew in elementary school who couldn't resist poking a stick into a yellow jacket nest at the far end of the baseball field only to get stung so many times he needed to visit the emergency room. 

Crazy people and politicians the statues don't bother anyone, you'd be wise to leave them alone because they are not your personal punching bag. If you think they respresent slavey and bigotry as well as racisim that's fine, but just because you think it doesn't mean you are right. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Sergio Garcia at TPC Piper Glen Post PGA Championship

Much commotion in the Cedar back yard today.

Monday's are normally pretty quiet with the club closed and the course seeing limited play via only walking singles and corporate events. So it was surprising to find the Masters Tournament Champion Sergio Garcia, photographers and a video crew standing the middle on the No. 2 Green on TPC at Piper Glen Course in Charlotte.

My guess the they were shooting ad work for Adidas which inked a multi year sponsorship deal with the Spaniard prior to his Masters win. (You'll notice the entire crew are wearing Adidas shoes, including the buzz hair cut guy looking my way with vintage white Stan Smith's.)

Spoiler alert - A couple of times during the hours long operation the professional golfer was photographed wearing shorts!

The golfer is currently number 4 in the world professional golf ranking, lead by Dustin Johnson was reportedly also on hand.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Muslims Just Different From The Rest Of Us Courts Apparently Agree

A Chicago woman accused of throwing her infant daughter to her death from an eighth-floor window has been sentenced to probation.

Baby Killer Mubashra Uddin
The Chicago Tribune reports that 20-year-old Mubashra Uddin on Thursday pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and a Cook County judge sentenced her to four years of probation.

She originally was charged with first-degree murder in the November 2015 death. Prosecutors said Uddin hid her pregnancy and killed the baby because she feared her Muslim parents from Pakistan wouldn't approve.

Prosecutors said Uddin gave birth and dropped the baby girl out of a bedroom window when she heard her mother approaching. A man found the newborn in the grass. The baby died the next day at a hospital.

Uddin was given credit for serving 603 days in jail.

The Judge took her upbringing and family background into consideration. Agreeing with defense attorneys that the murder of her child was as desperate act of self defense.

Cedar's Take: Just let that marinate a while and then let me know what you think.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Americans Are Coming

In the politically correct world of liberals identifying as an American can earn you a lot of grief. 

My cousin a liberal nutbird who moved to California from West Virginia decades ago is happy to remind you that calling yourself an American is incorrect since Canadians and Chileans are also Americans. 

My cousin, let's call him Bob because that's his name, is an expert on everything. As far as he knows, that is. Let's face it Bob is a jerk, every family has one but Bob is an exceptional jerk who hasn't held a job in 30 years. Bob knows that it is wrong that citizens of the United States of America like to call themselves Americans.

Well Bob, I got news for you I'm an American, and there is nothing wrong with Idenitrifying as one. As proof I can offer a long list of examples none of which will convince you that you are wrong because you're never wrong. 

But, I can guarantee you when the last ISIS terrorist looks to the sky and sees a missile headed right for the last ten square feet of earth terrorists control, he'll be cursing that the Americans are coming. 

Happy 4th of July Bob, hope you're as proud to be an American as I am. 

City of Charlotte and Charlotte Fire Doubles Down After Crystal Eschert Victory

Having lost in dramatic fashion during their Federal Court appearance Charlotte City Attorneis continued their game of Russian Roulett by doubling down on the million dollar verdict awarded to fired CFD whistle blower Crystal Eschert.

Going into the holiday weekend lawyers filed a motion requesting the court set aside the jury verdict or in the alternative hold a new trial. 

The filing can be read here: 

Cedar's Take: This is nuttier than a fruitcake in July. The motion basically says the jury and the judge Frank Whilttney are idiots. Whilttney it should be pointed out is seldom overturned, and is one of the most respected jurists in the country. 

Business common sense hasn't been a strong point with Charlotte City Mangers or Charlotte City Council's "potted plants" who with the exception of Claire Fallon have remained mute of the Eschert case. Charlotte GuvCo would be wise to embrace the time proven adage "if you can write the check write the check". 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Zachary Finch Charlotte's 43rd Homicide Victim

The mantra of CMPD is always the same "Not an act of random violence". And the case of Zachary Finch received the same treatment in the hours that followed.

Except that in this case CMPD admitted, that it could have happened to anyone. This case remains open and leads are apparently scarce. Surprising since it happened at 1:30 in the afternoon. Then again in the hood nobody ever sees nothin.

More details from the local paper:

The brother of a man killed in Charlotte this week faced cameras Tuesday, nearly breaking down as he begged the public for any information on his brother’s death, which is still unsolved.

Zachary Finch, 21, died Sunday. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police refused to directly connect his death to a sale made through Craigslist or a similar site, but other news outlets have reported that he was meeting someone to complete an online sale.

CMPD Sgt. Susan Manassah said Finch was engaged in a legal activity, but she wouldn’t provide more details.

In her advice about how to stay safe, Manassah focused on in-person meetings that follow a digital connection through a buying and selling service such as Craigslist or a dating app.

She said to meet in a public place where both parties feel comfortable, and to cancel the meeting if the other person isn’t willing to meet somewhere safe. Like other police departments, CMPD welcomes using the parking lots of police stations for the meetings.

“Tell people where you’re going, what it is you’re doing,” Manassah said. “If it’s too good to be true, then it’s not real.”

Finch’s older brother Nicholas called him loving and bubbly – a team player devoted to his baseball team at Kentucky’s University of the Cumberlands, where he pitched on a full scholarship.

“He always motivated everyone around him,” his brother said.

Finch was studying public health, with one year left to go before graduation.

Finch’s parents moved to the Charlotte area from south Florida a couple of years ago, and their three children attended college in different states. The family was planning to get together for the first time in months for the Fourth of July.

Nicholas Finch refused to comment on why his brother had come to the west Charlotte apartment complex where he was shot on Sunday.

Manassah called Charlotte’s rising homicide rate “senseless,” and said what happened to Finch could have happened to anyone.

She said police are especially eager to gather information from any possible witnesses because Finch was shot at about 1:30 on a Sunday afternoon.

“There’s windows, there’s parks, there’s kids playing. People were outside,” she said.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Meck County Liberals Open Pandora's Box With Ramadan Proclamation

Islam, the culture and religion that embraces extreme violence against non-believers took center stage during Tuesday's Mecklenburg County Commission meeting, when Mecklenburg Commissioner Trevor Fuller proposed the proclamation to recognize the month of Ramadan from May 26 to June 24.

Photo Via: Twitter

“If we're going to make a difference and make the world better for all of us, then we've got to come together,” Fuller said, according to WSOC News Reporter Joe Burno.

Vilma Leake never at a loss for words began one of her long rambling soliloquies "If I say I am a Christian, I have to love everybody regardless of the agenda, their religious beliefs or where they have come from......" and so on.

Via Twitter Mujtaba Mohammed‏ (@mjamohammed)  offered "Ramadan has always been part of America & Muslims have always contributed to America's success."

Replying to Mujtaba CP offered "Perhapes @mjamohammed would like us to recognize thousands of jobs created by Islam?100s of thousands of TSA agents are grateful!"

To which Mujtaba offered a long list of Muslim accomplishments and achievements from medicine to Muhammad Ali, and admitting "everyone has their rotten apples though."

Log on to Twitter and read @mjamohammed long list of Muslim heroes and accomplishments here.

#meckbocc The proposal passed 6 to 3 with all Democrats voting yes and all Republicans voted no.

Meck Commissioner Bill James went on to tweet "I think Democrats will come to regret the opening of this spigot that blurs the lines of church and state. Could be wrong, but we will see."

CP's Take: Can you imagine the backlash over a request to recognize Lent, Advent or The 12 Days of Christmas?

Beyond the church vs state question, there is the timing. Fuller's agenda item popped up not prior to the start of Ramadan several weeks ago, when debate could provide a fair and proper discussion but in the middle of the 30 day religious period.

Several commissioners said they didn't know the proposal was on the agenda.

The proposal was also presented just 48 hours after another horrific attack by several of the religion's "rotten apples".

Recognizing and providing a formal proclamation by government supporting any religion much less a religion whose followers are urged to murder non believers, a religion that by permitting it to exist has cost our nation billions to defend against, is just nutty.

Will the ACLU step in to object? Doubtful.